Yole Développement announces the release of its “PV Fabs Database 2012”. It references 540 fab locations with technical and business contacts involved in the PV industry. For each company, Yole Développement details its technologies, key contacts, fab identity & locations, business model and the evolution of the production capacity from 2008 to 2013.

Main new features of 2012 edition  In the 2012 edition of its PV Fab database, Yole Développement takes into account the evolution of the PV market and updates its list of key players. That is the reason why the PV team removed PV companies that stopped the production as a consequence of significant technology and market consolidation from its database. Moreover, Yole Développement added quasi-monocrystalline (“monolike”) silicon players and flexible cells & modules.


Product objectives  The PV Fab Database 2012 covers the photovoltaic industry value chain from polysilicon to module manufacturers (540 fabs). It is a powerful tool for equipment & material suppliers to develop worldwide business with the key players of the PV value chain. “The database enables you to analyze PV production capacities by technology & country. More than this, you have the possibility to implement the database with new information and use it daily to structure your own analysis,” explains Dr Milan Rosina, Technology and Market Analyst, Photovoltaics, Yole Développement.  PV Fab Database 2012 also contains synthesis graphs for better understanding of global technology and market trends.


A database dedicated to your needs
Yole Développement’s database references 540 fab locations with technical and business contacts involved in the PV industry.
Regularly updated, this tool can be used to:

  • Search new qualified contacts to develop your company
  • Study the profile and distribution of one given technology among the different industry players
  • Access key contacts developing the PV technologies for business development managers
  • Find key figures and profiles for  your marketing and strategic plans


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